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Our Services

Have a Clear View of the Key Medical Facts

Record Organization

An efficient and orderly review starts with well-organized and complete records. Let our Health Information Specialists lay the foundation for an effective review.

Strengths and weaknesses assessment

When you want a high-level preview of the contents of medical records, our Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment is a perfect option.

Case Summary

Get an overview of entire medical records, all the main points and relevant facts, key providers, notes on critical missing documentation and an assessment of compliance with the standard of care. All the information you need in a single, concise report.

Medical Chronology

For a detailed timeline that focuses on allegations or potential areas of liability, detailing specific issues across care settings, chronologies are the tools of choice.

Provider of care report

This report is a time saver, giving you a complete list of all documenting caregivers at the click of a button - perfect for identifying potential witnesses and prepping for interviews and depositions.

Care Calendar

When you need to gather, quantify and present all documented patient care from across thousands of pages of records into one concise visual presentation, our Care Calendar or Graphical timeline summary is the perfect tool.

Other services

Do you have a special or unusual project? If it has to do with medical records and review, we have a solution. No project is outside our capabilities or scope of services.


Competitive Pricing

We pride ourselves in providing high quality services at competitive prices. Rates are based on the extent of our involvement in the Medical Chart Review Process and the turnaround time.

We are HIPAA compliant and have a large in-house IT & Network Monitoring team that ensures that all applicable security protocols are followed.

To learn more about our services, you can reach us at 813-785-6417 or ash@cameoindia.com

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